Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend in St. George

Here are the promised pics from our fun marathon weekend in St. George. (Two of them have numbers on them because I snatched them from my sis-in-law's blog.)
Top to bottom, left to right:
  • A cute little lizard we caught in the garage--quite a project for 11 minutes of admiring it in a plastic cup before letting it go.
  • Alec, cousin Sky, and Kenna ready to go swimming in the clubhouse pool. Sky and Kenna are sporting free sunglasses I snagged from the SGM Expo.
  • 12-year-old Todd ready to go to his first General Priesthood session. He was given two assignments--stay awake and keep Grandpa Z. and Brent awake! Mission accomplished.
  • Alec and cousin Skylar sporting the awesome rubber boots we bought at Target. He's loving them and wears them all over the place. They're good conversation starters.
  • The marathoners PRE-race...hence the SMILES.
  • The marathoners POST-race...hence the SMILES. (The during shots were a different story!)
  • Todd's family birthday celebration. He's blowing out candles on the delicious frozen Oreo cake from his grandparents. Mmmmm Oreo cake.
  • Three generations of Zimmerman Priesthood. (...and big brains, corny jokes, obsessive computer hobbies, etc.)


Kristen Gregson said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Rita, you ran a MARATHON. That blows me away that a person could actually get their body to run that long. And it looks like your kids are following in your runnin' footsteps.

Amy and Brad said...

Wow - what a momentous weekend that was for the Zimmermans! Love the pictures - such a gorgeous family!

Debbie said...

Great little mini vacation. I had to giggle over your Zimmerman men comments. Cute! You are an awesome family!

Andrea said...

I love these pictures. It was a fun weekend!