Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family 5K

In spite of the cold intermittent rain/snow, our little family trekked to Hill Air Force Base for a free (with canned food) run. Alec and cousin Sky ran a kids K. Alec only walked once and told me 2/3 the way through, "I think I'm gunna win." He came in 2nd to last with raised hands to the cheers and told me, "I winned!!...And you losed." Nice.

Todd ran the 5K with Brent and bested his previous record by a minute. He was pretty happy about it. Kenna ran her FIRST 5K with me while I pushed Alec in a stroller. She had a great attitude all the way but admitted that it was longer than she expected. Her sprint to the finish was beautiful.

Exercising are not habits that I developed when I was young. I still struggle to get going in the morning but am happy during and after a run. I hope my kiddos learn to love using their bodies and staying active.


Amy and Brad said...

I love that you are raising your kids this way! How awesome! And Alec's comments as he crossed the finish line made me laugh out loud!

Andrea said...

This was a ton of fun and I can't wait to do it again next year...neither can Skylar, she's asked already when her next race is.