Saturday, October 4, 2008

St. George Marathon Summary

26.2 miles (42+km for you Canadians) is a long way to run. I read two posters along the course that summed it up:
"Running is a mental sport..."
"And you're all insane."

Today was unexpectedly cold which would have been a giant blessing for running in St. George but the cools temps were caused by constant rain and wind.
Too much RAIN
+ too much weight GAINed
+ not enough TRAINing
=one hard day!

I owe the idea for this post (and half the entries and jokes) to my sis-in-law and partner in CRAZY, Andrea. I love her.

1-beautiful medal.
2-(+) hours too long to qualify for the Boston Marathon--not that I will ever be nuts enough to attempt that.
3-masochistic runners--Brent, Andrea, and ME.
4-in the morning we woke up to participate in this torture.
5-anxious kids waiting (a loooong time) for parents.
6-blisters on my feet. Ouchy.
7-areas of my body that are chafed.
I'll spare you a more detailed description.
8-times I remembered to look at the incredible scenery.
9-times I laughed at Brent's joke. "This is the longest I've been this wet since I was in the womb."
10-items of rain-soaked clothing.
11-popsicles we snagged for the kids afterwards. Turns out they had lots of left-overs...
possibly because it was raining, windy, and cold.
12-soaking socks and shoes.
13-Forum Flyers I saw. (Friends I know from a running forum that Brent's dad sponsors.)
14-mph head wind the WHOLE way.
15-minutes in the HOT shower, but I'm still freezing.
16-weeks of training (that I was supposed to do but obviously didn't take very seriously).
17-pounds I need to lose before I attempt this again.
18-sore body parts.
19-family SGM finishes...for now.
20-miles in the pouring rain. No, not sprinkling, POURING.
21-high fives from cute spectator kids.
22-times I thought I might die.
23-times I wanted to die.
24-drinks along the route.
25-minutes spent at the Expo.
Todd won an awesome watch with the SGM logo on it.
26-songs I heard on my mp3 player. I didn't use it much and was extra glad that it didn't short out with all the rain.
.2-seconds to decide to run another one sometime.

I'll post pictures when I get home...and after I photoshop a smile onto my pained face.


Debbie said...

Way to go, Rita. I cannot believe your determination and discipline. It sounds like quite the marathon. I'll look forward to seeing pics soon.

Your write-up was clever as always. I know you must feel great to have accomplished this. It looks like we're both online tonight blogging and reading blogs. Enjoy your conference weekend!

Amy and Brad said...

Congratulations, Rita! You are so amazing! I'm super proud of you!!

Andrea said...

Despite the rain, pain, and complete lack of brain...let's do this again soon!

Kristen Gregson said...

You did it - rain and all! I thought about you several times throughout the day while I watched it pouring rain up here. Glad you, you did more than survive...YOU RAN A MARATHON!!!

The Bullknitter said...

Rita, you're my hero! Way to go. I could never run that far. I liked (and believe) the insanity quote.

Sheri said...

Congratulations! I thought about you guys all day and I'm glad you 'enjoyed' the experience. Love you.

Atkin Family said...

Rita - U da' man!! I mean da' woman! You've set such a great example for me. Awesome job! Quincey

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

Go, Rita, go! What an accomplishment! I'm in total awe of your determination. Can't wait to see pics.

kmmclain said...

Congratulations! What a great accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rita!! :)