Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween's Coming!

We're getting excited.
It took me a few years to learn to wait until the day before or even day of Halloween to purchase treats. One year we polished off 3 batches of candy before we even chose costumes!

Todd was too cool and 'grown up' to go last year so I'm guessing he's not going this year either. If he were a candy fiend he'd realize the joy this holiday brings. Kenna's still deciding. I'm crossing my fingers that she'll choose Todd's old astronaut costume...She's cute in anything and I'm going for a subliminal prod to for her intellectual self-image. Alec is borrowing a fire-fighter costume from my sister-in-law. He's wasn't really game until I told him our potted flowers were on fire and he needed to put them out with the hose. He loved it.


Kristen Gregson said...

I completely understand the problem with buying candy TOO early. This year I got smart and bought the Fun Dips (Lick 'Em Stick packs)...that way the kids get excited about what we're handing out but I am not tempted even the slightest. Now if it were any sort of chocolate or boxes of Dots...forgetaboutit!!

PS I love your Halloween countdown display...very cute!

Amy and Brad said...

Amber didn't go (due to "coolness") last year either, but is totally on board this year, for some reason. So maybe Todd will want to go again in 8th grade.

I have yet to find a candy that doesn't tempt me! Maybe we'll risk having our house egged and give out toothbrushes!