Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am TAG.

My sisters-in-law have been filling out this cute tag list. I guess anyone who blogs has at least a subconscious desire to self-disclose so if you read this, I tag YOU and want to see your list soon ;)
I am...spread too thin.
I think...I should re-prioritize.
I want...to have my house clean.
I have...everything I need to be happy.
I miss...my Grandma Pilling.
I fear...that my kids will grow up and hate me.
I feel...fat.
I hear...Alec talking to himself.
I smell...my Bath & Body Works Coconut-Lime Verbena wallflower. Love it!
I crave...linguine with creamy pesto sauce and a giant breadstick twist from the Pizza-Pasta Factory.
I cry...a lot lately. My *happy* cry is for Todd being ordained to the Priesthood and for my in-laws leaving on their mission. My *irrational* cry is for recognizing that very few of my life expectations will be met.
I search...for ways to serve others.
I wonder...when Brent and I will ever see anything of importance in the same light.
I regret...being snotty when I was a teenager.
I wish...I had more willpower and a better self-image.
I love...to be a *snuggle buddy* to my kids.
I care...about being dependable.
I always...wonder how I got such smart, cute kids.
I worry...a LOT.
I am not...an optimist.
I remember...playing Charlie's Angels with my sister and cousins.
I believe...that Heavenly Father knows who I am.
I sing...silly variations of Primary songs and nursery rhymes to make my kids laugh.
I don't always...recognize the miracles around me.
I argue...with my heart.
I write...to-do lists by the mile.
I lose...perspective when I am tired and discouraged.
I listen...with my heart.
I can usually be found...sipping a giant cup of Diet Dr. Pepper.
I need...too much validation from other people.
I forget...how old I really am.
I am happy...when I am doing the things I know I should.


Kristen Gregson said...

You're awesome. You don't give yourself enough credit. You're an amazing person with a fun and spunky personality. You're open and honest about who you really are and you're very genuine. I really admire that!

Sheri said...

I love this list. Part of the fun/misery of having a blog is filling out these tags. Thanks for including this one on your blog!

Amy and Brad said...

You're such a great writer - I love this list. I agree with Kristen - your honesty and genuineness is always so refreshing.

Had to chuckle, once again, at how many of those items would be on my own list (including playing Charlie's Angels as a kid!)

Danette said...

I liked your answers and I would have answered some of them the same way. You are wonderful (here's some validation for you) and after seeing you on Saturday I thought, I wish I could look more like her. I also think very often I want to BE more like you when I hear Andrea talk of how wonderful you are to your family and friends. Thanks for being my friend and you really don't realize how amazing you are. I hope to see you tomorrow or Friday!!!

Shelley said...

I love reading your blog. Your dad did some stuff at our opening day staff thing for the division and he was knee slapping hilarious with some of his jokes and poetry. I can see where you get your sense of humor from and your gift of writing. You really do not give yourself enough credit as others have already said.

Atkin Family said...

I admire your candor and insight! Q

Debbie said...

I just love you Rita. This is a great TAG post and so honest and down-to-earth. You don't give yourself enough credit about how amazing you are. (I've been crying a lot too lately. Can't quite figure it out).

On a slow blog week, I'll give this TAG a try.