Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bye-Bye Party for Scott and Beverly

The week before Brent's mom and dad left for their mission to Peru, they held an Open House to allow friends and family to bid them farewell. It was a beautiful evening. I spent much of the time in the basement trying to keep the quiet lid on the noisy grandkids.
Top to bottom and left to right:
* Kenna working on her body art. My sis-in-law provided butcher paper and traced the kids' bodies and they filled in the details. Some ended up with purple hair and green skin--very culturally tolerant children ; D
* My in-laws on the right speaking to friends.
* Brent's aunt Melanie (left) and grandma Ardell Zimmerman.
* The spread! There's a running joke in the family that the all Brent and his brother care about at family events is the FOOD. Well, I went to download our party pictures and, sure enough, the best ones were of the croissants and salads! (Hence the center stage position in the collage.)
* Nieces June (left) and Skylar.
* The downstairs derby.
* Mr. Alec finds a toy to occupy 5 seconds of his I-can't-stand-this-lame-adult-party time.


kmmclain said...


I appreciate your list of "Be"s that you have on your site. It helped remind me of my blessings today.
Have a good Sunday.

Sheri said...

It was a nice evening. Hopefully being down with the kids wasn't too hectic!