Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Happy Halloween

Here are a few of our pictures from Halloween...more to come later from Alec's preschool party.

Thursday we attended a Halloween carnival and trunk-or-treat hosted by the Young Men and Young Women in our ward. Todd went early to help set up and hosted one of the fun games. Kenna loved her Spider Countess costume and Alec was happy as a shark. Lots of people asked me if I made Alec's costume. Should I feel flattered that they believed that I could or sad that I'm a lazy mom and would never waste too much energy on a costume?

Alec wanted to be a devil on Friday night. Todd reminded me that he was too old and too cool to go begging for candy but agreed to take Alec and Kenna around until Brent could relieve him. My kids don't like me to go with them because I talk too much and stall the sugar gathering. I love to stay home to spoil the neighborhood kids and give a hard time to the high-schoolers that got the night off from their fast food jobs and skipped homework in favor of a sucrose search. (Hmmmm. My future or free candy? No contest.) After walking the neighborhood, Brent drove the kids around to further away families that we thought might like a visit from the cutest kids in town ;) It was a great night.


Debbie said...

Cute kids. I think it's just fine to not make your kids costumes. I agree that it's not worth the energy to me.

Sheri said...

Looks like it was a fun evening!