Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Lovely Lunch

I had lunch with my friend, Quincey yesterday. When I tell people about her, I call her "my friend from high school" but we were pals way before then and have stayed in contact long since the Cardston High days. I love being with her because she is funny, smart, and thoughtful. We can talk about important things interspersed with giggles about our trite past or present issues. In my opinion, she has a nearly perfect balance of self-acceptance while valuing continued self-improvement. (I need a little of that to rub off on me.)
She wrote a funny story about me on her blog. Check it out.
These are some cute things I remember about growing up with Quincey:
* skipping Sunday School to get slurpies at Red Rooster and running into some MEN from our ward there!
* driving her dad's gray Grand Am because she was never ready to leave and needed to put on her make up.
* sliding/falling off a horse we were trying to ride bareback in the field next to her house.
* being able to watch satellite TV because her fam got one of those giant dishes in their yard...I also remember Quincey having to go out and tweak the darn thing in the freezing wind! Ha ha.
* eating Chinese take-out with her family (even on a Sunday sometimes!)
* attending the Blood branch with her family after we'd already been to 3 hours of church.
* skipping school and shooting a pistol at a weasel we chased through the neighboring field.

See what a history?! I love this girl and I wish I had taken a camera with me to document our afternoon together...Maybe she'll email me some pics. Pleeease?


Quincey said...

Ha- you'll never get my greasy-haired Popeyed expression picture!!! Just let everyone enjoy the beautiful picture of you on my blog!!!

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

You two are still just as fun-loving as you were then. I completely admire how you've kept that part of your personalities.

Lynette said...

Funny girls! I am jealous again...your lunch sounds fun! Very cool that you two have stayed friends forever!!!