Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mom and Me Pedis

Kenna's been asking if we could get pedicures together for a while. Life was nuts the other night so it seemed a perfect time to fit in some relaxing. The Fran Brown Beauty School was able to schedule us 15 minutes from my call so we hopped in the car and sped over. I must have been due for some still time because I nearly fell asleep. Kenna was cute and talkative with the girls who did our toes. She's such a grown up cutie. Here are a couple of pictures of our polished piggies...In case you can't tell, mine are the feet with freckles, puffy ankles, and charcoal polish to hide the runner's nails!


Debbie said...

That sounds like fun!

The Bullknitter said...

Those little piggies are adorable!

Kristen Gregson said...

What a fun mom!