Saturday, November 10, 2012

Alec Plays Hoops

Alec started his first season of youth basketball. He's having a lot of fun.

I have been Todd's coach for the past eight years, and volunteered to be Alec's coach this year. But, the city had enough people volunteer to coach and I wasn't needed. Instead, he is coached by the same person that coached his baseball team this past summer. There are ten kids on the basketball team, eight of which were also on the baseball team. The boys get along great.

Alec likes to shoot hoops in the back yard with Todd and me, and also plays basketball at school during recess. So, he already knows how to dribble and shoot. The coach has helped him learn to play defense. Today was the second game of the season. Here is a video of him scoring the first basket of the game:


We were in charge of giving treats to the boys after the game. I decided to give the boys something special. I gave them Capri Sun juice and Pringles chips. I put them in special Avenger's gift bags along with some Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk temporary tattoos.

Tonight the whole team is going to the Jazz game in Salt Lake. Alec is very excited.


Beverly said...

You are an awesome dad!

Scott said...

Yes, Brent, you are awesome. And you have awesome kids.

Suzanne said...

AWESOME! I thought Tood looked so much like you, Brent. Until I see that last picture of Alec. Holy cow, it's a mini-you!!

Melissa said...

I just can't get over the fact that Alec is old enough to be playing basketball! Way to go Alec!

Russ said...

That's awesome. Alec's got some skills!