Monday, November 12, 2012

Dry Ice Demonstrations

Kenna has been begging me to buy some dry ice so that she can replicate a few demonstrations she saw on the Internet. Today was her lucky day because I bought a block of it at the local grocery store.

The first project was to make "smoke" rings out of dry ice vapor.

If you want to replicate this, make sure that the hole in the cup is circular. On the first attempt we cut a rectangle and it didn't work very well.

The next project was a dry ice bomb. This project has a very real element of danger. Do you know my friend Gavon Barkdull? He had his wrist broken in two places when a dry ice bomb went off in his hand.

The last project was to make vapor-filled bubbles. Kenna was an expert at making the bubbles very large.

These are all easy projects, although adult supervision is mandatory. We only used about a dollar worth of dry ice. The other materials are all household items. Pretty cool, huh?


Jana said...

"Such cool at home science projects!

Beverly said...

You're both chemists at heart.

Scott said...

So much fun--and sooo cool to see.