Friday, November 9, 2012

Brigham City Temple Open House

 In August Kenna, Alec, and I toured the Brigham City Temple before it was dedicated. Todd and Brent weren't able to join us because Todd was drumming in a video shoot for Alex Boye but he went the next day with the Young Men and Young Women in our ward. Kenna got a double viewing. (And yes, they let her in with her tattooed arm/hand. What is up with that habit?!) We don't have a picture of them but Stephanie, Wayne and their four crazy kids drove down from Pocatello to make it whole event a million times more fun.

As expected, it is a beautiful building. The artwork was interesting to me as many of the paintings depicted a local pastoral theme with peach orchards and foothill farms. I especially loved hoisting Alec to look into the mirrors the sealing room's opposing wall mirrors with Kenna and me. I love the thought of being with these kids (and the missing one) forever.


Andrea said...

We didn't make it, but I really wanted to. I'm glad they let Kat Von D. Jr. in with her artwork.

Russ said...

Nice! I wish Brigham City wasn't so far away. We went to the Oquirrh Mountain open house with the kids and it was awesome.