Thursday, November 15, 2012

Co-ed Volleyball

For the last two or three years, I have played on the ward co-ed volleyball team. We have a pretty good team, too. We've advanced deep into the regional tournament each of the last two years.

As far as enjoyment at a church function goes, it would be hard to beat co-ed volleyball. It features a lot more cheering than sacrament meeting and a lot less swearing than High Priest Group meeting. OK, that last part was a joke, but it really is fun. The games have just the right level of competitiveness.

A co-ed team consists of three women and three men, and the rules are almost identical to the men's game. The one exception is that if your team hits it more than once, at least one of the hits needs to be by a woman. The nets are at the men's height.

The key to our team's success is consistency. We are all about the same skill level, which means we don't have any weak links that the other team can hit to and our setter has multiple options. We all go to almost all the games, which means we rarely forfeit and we have plenty of practice playing together.

Tonight we played the first two rounds of the region tournament. Alec went with me and served as cheerleader and team photographer.

We won both games, despite only having five players (three women and two men). Tomorrow we play in the semi-finals.


Zimmerin said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I think that's something I would enjoy if our stake did that. I haven't played in so many years, though, so I'd probably be crazy rusty. Congrats on your win!

Beverly said...

Sounds fun. Alec did a godd job with the camera!

Scott said...

So I take it that Rita isn't one of the women on the team. Sounds fun anyway.

Andrea said...

I haven't played volleyball for a very long time, but this made me wish I were playing it now!

Barb said...

AHHHH so jealous, we play every Thursday night but no commitment it just who shows up I would love to play just a little more serious! This sounds like a blast.