Sunday, November 4, 2012

B.A.G. it

When I was an undergrad at BYU I took a Marriage Prep. course. Okay, okay. Laugh it up, fuzzballs. Don't judge me. I *HAD* to take either that class or Marriage Enhancement as one of my major--Home Economics Education--requirements. At the time, I didn't have anything to enhance, so I opted for the preparation version and see how that panned out? I am, like, THE BEST wife ev-ah. Well, maybe not but I certainly employed exceptional charater judgement when choosing a spouse, n'est pas?

Anywhoo, on to the point of this post. I can't remember the context in which my Marriage Prep. professor suggested that we keep a B.A.G.s journal but I loved the idea then and have since encouraged several of my therapy clients to keep such a log. For my blog post today, I've provided a small sample of my Blessings, Accomplishments, and Goals journal entries:

Blessings are God-given, un-earned, benedictions.
A few of my blessings:
My siblings. Stories of disagreements that lead to limited or no contact among family members make me truly sad.What a blessing it is love and like my family members.

My parents. They are good, good people. Funny, human, caring, lovely. I thank Heavenly Father that I lined up in front of the right chute when it was time to make the trip down here.

My kids. I feel so awfully inadequate to be a parent most days. I am grateful that my three sun spots grow and learn so beautifully regardless of my many mistakes.

My Brenty. When I look back on our short introduction, acquaintance, friendship, and courtship path, I know I wasn't thinking logically when I agreed to his on-the-spot marriage proposal. So blessed I said yes to this guy. Love him.

Accomplishments are achievements earned through hard work and dedication.
Two of my accomplishments:
I graduated from college. Twice! My Bachelor's degree in Home Economics Education and my Master's degree in School Counseling/School Psychology have brought me much fulfillment and many opportunities for service.

I live with and manage significant Anxiety and Depression. This is a difficult thing for me to announce to the world and even to admit to myself. Often I feel guilty for having these disordered symptoms amidst a relatively easy life. Sometimes I feel weak that I require medication and a significant exercise of deliberate and difficult self-control strategies to cope. I can only grant this as personal success by admiring others whom I know that trudge with similar burdens to bear.

Goals are plans for the future that one is working toward on some level.
Some of my goals:
Have all four bathrooms clean at the same time! I know, hard, right?!

Train for and run the 2013 Ogden Half Marathon in May. ENJOY myself while doing it.

Become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) by providing 4,000 supervised hours of evaluation and therapy. I am currently working on this as an employee at the Neuropsychology Center of Utah.

Accept myself. Compassionately tolerate and address faults and failures. Acknowledge and do not dismiss strengths and honorable qualities. This is a toughy and will probably be on my goal list forever! 

What are your B.A.G.s?


Zimmerin said...

I took that same class and the BAG concept sounds familiar. What a wonderful list! I really should try doing that, but my mind always goes blank when I try to come up with anything like that. I think all moms (and likely all women to some degree) struggle with self-doubt and a deep-rooted fear that we're doing everything wrong. You are seriously one of my heroes (always have been)! I think one of my goals would be to get my kids to like me half as much as they like their Auntie Rita. :) Oh, and I'd settle for just having any two rooms in my house clean at the same time...

Melissa said...

I might give this a try. I'm sure as I think up a list I will learn a lot about myself. How often do you suggest your clients to make a list? Once, weekly, daily?

Andrea said...

I am not sure where this would fall in a BAG list, but you are such a kind and generous person. While at your house yesterday, you welcomed that neighborhood girl into your home and totally made her feel welcome. That ability to make people feel loved and comfortable, is a gift you have. Probably a blessing from God that you have shared with me, and that I have seen you share with many, many other people. Love you!

Russ said...

That's a great list, and similar to the advice of the hymn to count our many blessings. Although, I like how this recommends also thinking through achievements. It's too easy to think of all our short-comings.

Suzanne said...

I agree with Andrea, Rita. You possess a special gift to make people feel loved. I, too, have been on the receiving end of this gift and count myself so lucky (blessed) because of it. Also, as someone who also struggles with anxiety and depression (among other things), I admire your willingness to accept it (and yourself) and not let it keep you from being the truly amazing person that you are. Love you.