Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Launch Party

Today was the release of the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Todd pre-ordered his copy several weeks ago and has been counting down the days ever since. A release day of today means he could pick it up last night at midnight. The local Game Stop had a launch party and invited him to attend.

The "party" mostly consisted of waiting in line, but they did give out free goodies and the excitement of everyone in line made it feel a bit like a party. I estimate that there were 300 people in line, about 295 of which were young males.

The event had a Black Friday feel to it, but it was much more organized. Everyone had an assigned number so there wasn't any reason to run around the store or cut in line like you might see on Black Friday. I took a video of the event, but you can't see much in the outdoor shots since it was night.

Todd stayed up nearly all night playing the game. He managed to make it to school on-time this morning, believe it or not.


Beverly said...

Get in and get out. Now that is MY kind of shopping. BTW, I hate Black Friday.

Scott said...

Sounds fun. I know Todd made it to school, but did he learn anything? Did he even stay awake?

Barb said...

Wow I will be deleting or at least hiding this post from Ryan so he doesn't understand how uncool his parents are!

Andrea said...

I'm with Barb! Brent, you are a cool dad. I am wondering how on-board Rita was with this? I know I would want to be okay with it, but probably wouln't be. All my patience and parenting goes out the window after 8:00 PM.