Saturday, November 17, 2012

Todd's Eagle Project

I want to thank everyone that made donations to Todd's Eagle Project or attended the activity. As you may know, he raised funds to build a well for an orphanage in Liberia. The activity was an African Cultural Evening at the church. Friends, neighbors, and ward members were all treated to African food and live music.

This is a picture of Todd explaining the project to those in attendance:

Here Todd plays a traditional West African rhythm along with Andy Jones, the director of Africa Heartwood Project that runs the orphanage.

Here is a picture that shows just some of the people that attended:

Todd was able to raise the full amount to pay for the well, including the pump and trough. Here are pictures of the well being dug, along with the finished project:

It is a great feeling to know that this entire project was funded by Todd and others that helped contribute. Thanks, everyone!


Andrea said...

It was a really fun night! I'm so proud of Todd for all his hard work!

Scott said...

I'm proud of Todd, too. And I'm happy that he will soon be able to start driving the Civic! (As if he hadn't already.)

Beverly said...

Such an awesome Eagle project. Such an awesome kid.

Jana said...

Congrats Todd! What a wonderful project!