Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boys' Night at the Ballpark

During the Summer, both Todd and Alec asked multiple times if I would take them to a Bees game. I thought it was a good idea, but didn't know a good day to go. I procrastinated the Summer away until Fall came. With only three days left in the season I finally made time in my schedule to take them. I'm glad I did because we had so much fun.

The day of the game it rained on-and-off almost the entire day. I assumed the game would be rained out, but when I checked their web site it said the game was still scheduled to be played. We drove to Salt Lake, found a good parking spot, and walked to the ballpark. We bought tickets and went inside. Just as we got to our seats it started to rain. It started as a sprinkle but then turned into a cloudburst. About half the seats in the park are covered and half are not. Our seats were just under the canopy, so everyone in the rows in front of us got up and moved to the upper rows to stay dry. This meant that we basically had front-row seats, but there wasn't anything to watch. I assumed they would cancel the game at this point, but they kept announcing that the game was only delayed, not canceled, even as the downpour continued. We waited patiently.

We had chosen to attend that particular game because they were going to have fireworks. What we didn't know was that it was also fan appreciation night. That meant that they had a lot of goodies to throw to the crowd. The rain delay meant that they were throwing things to the fans for an extra long time. The delay ended up being three hours. They were throwing candy and other things to the crowd most of that time. Todd and Alec were in heaven. The best part was when Alec caught a baseball hat and Todd had the idea to get it signed by the mascot.

Once it finally started, the game was pretty exciting. There were two home runs and 16 total runs. The Bees got down by six runs and then came back to tie it. They ended up losing in the ninth.

The fireworks after the show were great. They were just as good as any 4th of July fireworks.

Todd and Alec thanked me about 20 times each for taking them. It was a very memorable event for all of us.


Scott said...

So much fun. Reminds me of the times we used to go to the Arkansas Travelers games. Such good memories.

Andrea said...

How fun!

Russ said...

We've gone to a couple Orem Owlz games and I thought they were pretty fun, especially considering I now find baseball unwatchable on TV. That sounded very fun.