Friday, November 9, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

We carve pumpkins for Halloween almost every year. This year, Kenna and Alec each carved one. We had two 40-pound pumpkins, so they had plenty of real estate to carve whatever they wanted. They both chose to carve something from their favorite computer game, Minecraft. Kenna's pumpkin featured the Minecraft logo, along with several "creepers."

Alec's pumpkin featured a large "ender dragon."

We saved the seeds from the pumpkins and roasted them in the oven, which is also something we do almost every year. They are not only a good-tasting snack, but the fact that it's a tradition makes them special. It's not just the candy that makes Halloween my favorite holiday. Well, maybe it is.


Zimmerin said...

I'm pretty sure my kids' words would be something like "Awesomest.Pumpkins.EVER!" Fun tradition. We grew our own pumpkins this year and they were so big (as in the smallest ones were bigger than Isaac) that we were intimidated to actually carve them, so we just painted on them. I still want to cut open just one so we can hopefully roast the seeds and even make a pie out of it.

Beverly said...

Awesome pumpkins and a wonderful tradition.

Andrea said...

I have no idea what Mindcraft is, but I just so happened to test a kid yesterday who was obsessed with it. I wonder if a picture of your pumpkins would have made him happy enough to actually do his work. Doubt it.

Russ said...

Those are awesome!