Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mid-Year's Resolutions

I recently updated you on my New Year's Resolutions, but what I didn't tell you about are my Mid-Year's Resolutions. They are resolutions that I didn't have at the beginning of the year but picked them up later in the year.

The first resolution was to not play video games. I didn't attach a time-frame for this; I simply resolved to not play for "a while." I wanted to see if I could live without them. I was pretty strict with what was allowed. No XBox, Wii, or PC games. Not even Sodoku on an iPhone was allowed.

This resolution lasted six months and then I gave it up. I probably could have gone longer, but I think once I proved to myself I could live without video games there wasn't any motivation left. I now play a couple of Facebook games and also Civilization with some guys I know.

The other Mid-Year's Resolution was to not be late to church for a year. That's right, me on-time to church for 52 weeks in a row. A safer bet would have been to enter the lottery. I was very strict with this goal, too. I didn't live by my "church starts when the opening prayer begins and being in the foyer counts" rule. I was to be considered late if I wasn't in the chapel by 9:01 a.m. whether the meeting had started or not.

Not surprisingly, I didn't get this goal. I was two minutes late for church last week. However, I made it 41 weeks in a row. That's about 40 weeks better that my previous best.

Another resolution is to post on this blog every day in November, but you already know about this resolution. Today is day six. So far so good.


Russ said...

I knew about your goal to be on time to church. Bummer your streak has ended.

No iPhone games? That's just crazy talk. That may be harder for me to do than go without candy.

Suzanne said...

My goal is to go to church. Period. Asking myself to be on time is like asking the sun not to rise. But good for you. It's a good goal to have (and one I never would have considered but ought to).

Beverly said...

The closer we lived to the church, the later I was to church. So did you give up this goal too?