Monday, November 5, 2012

Overheard in Primary

For the past three years, I have been assigned to teach the four-turning-five year-olds at church. I LOVE this calling. The kids are loving, sweet, and so, so funny.  I've heard plenty of accidental disclosures of bad words parents have spoken and beatings doled  out by older brothers. These are a few of my favorite crazy things my little friends have said. Names may or may not have been changed to protect the innocent ;)

When a boy in class started biting the sucker he had, a classmate informed him, "It's a sucker...not a cruncher."

To encourage children to bring scriptures to class in order to look up references and help with lessons, the Primary presidency gives candy to children who remember to bring their books. When the president asked for a group response as to why it was important to bring scriptures to church, a chorus of children resounded, "To get a Starburst!"

Two weeks ago the chorister asked what the (boldly displayed) monthly theme was. The kid who raised his hand and was chosen to respond was Alec who proudly announced, "Halloween!" Uh, no. The large sign read 'the Priesthood'. The answer we were looking for was 'the Priesthood'. Who is that kid's mother?

Near Easter, I prepared a craft for my young students to symbolize Jesus' death and resurrection. A picture of Jesus glued on a popsicle stick could be lowered into a plastic cup decorated as a tomb to show His death and burial and then pushed out of the cup to signify His resurrection. I snickered when one little boy exclaimed, "My Jesus is green!" I laughed out loud when I heard two boys giggling in the corner while raising and lowering their pictures of Jesus in and out of the cup tomb, "I'm dead. I'm alive! I'm dead. I'm alive! I'm dead. I'm alive!" I guess they listened, right?


Andrea said...

My favorite memory as primary president was one when one week I asked a police officer in our ward to come into primary and show the kids how handcuffs worked. We explained that no matter how hard a criminal tries to break out of the cuffs, they can’t get out without the police officer’s key. I tried to make the parallel that Jesus Christ is the only person who can get us out of our sins. Some of the kids in the junior primary must not have quite understood the parallel because the next Sunday, when we presented a picture of the Savior kneeling with his arms together in prayer, a Sunbeam yelled out, “Is Jesus in handcuffs?”

Russ said...

Haha. Loved the stories. I can only imagine what my kids are blabbing to their teachers.

Suzanne said...

Ahahahaha! Too. Dang. Funny.