Saturday, November 10, 2012


Last year a good friend and neighbor of ours asked Todd and Kenna if they wanted to participate in the 4-H Program and raise goats. It was hard (and STINKY) work but they did it and liked it. They showed and sold their goats at the Davis County Fair and had a great experience. Even though Alec was too young to officially participate, the same wonderful woman allowed him to show one of her other goats in the Pee Wee division. So fun.
Todd and Y-guy 2011
Kenna with Coffee and Cream 2011

Alec and Jupiter 2011
This year, Todd opted out but Kenna participated and enjoyed herself again. Alec also showed a goat in the Pee Wee division again. One day Alec told me he was excited to turn eight. I asked if it was because he could be baptized at that age. He answered, "Uh, nope. It's so I can be in 4-H."
Kenna and Man 2012
Alec and Man 2012


Scott said...

Cool post. Cool pictures. Cool project.

Andrea said...

I love the names of these animals, especially Man

Melissa said...

What an awesome experience!

Russ said...

What a great experience for your kids! Not many kids these days get the chance to raise goats.

Zimmerin said...

How fun! Plus, the kids got the experience of raising goats without covering your yard with goat...stuff. I wish I would have found a way for my kids to do this with their rats.